Discovery Workshop Introduction

Discovery Workshop Introduction

Discovery Workshop

In addiction, the addict is always trying to cover the pain And the biggest challenge is where that pain comes from.

In the DISCOVERY WORKSHOP, the goal is to uncover the underlying pain and give a voice to the inner child so the pain can be somatically released. It doesn’t matter the degree of abuse or trauma the individual has endured as much as how he has internalized what it means about him. Creating a core belief in the subconscious that continues to interfere with adult life. The adult can become stuck in their story and perpetuate the pain. Once brought into the conscious part of the brain, new choices can be made.


The focus on self-love and self-worth, through taking responsibility for their life today, allows the addict to release the need to numb and gives a new perspective to his or her life. The workshop does layers deep work in the emotions of anger, fear, sadness, and shame. All exercises are followed by experiential feelings of deep love and connection to self. This is done in a group making the energy stronger and more profound.


The importance in addiction recovery is to remember, healing is about self-acceptance and changing their story. Being willing to look within and make changes is a courageous act. Change comes when the individual actively participates in his or her recovery and takes responsibility for their life. Moving through fear, grief, guilt, and shame is all part of the process.


In the DISCOVERY WORKSHOP participants gain insight into what has been unconsciously keeping them stuck. This type of work helps the individual face their story, embrace it and choose a new one. Allowing for lasting transformation that leads to freedom from addiction.


There is a growing need to expand the treatment options for addiction and look at it  from a holistic point of view.


By understanding the core issues behind addiction, there can be more meaningful healing on all levels and create lasting change in individuals’ lives. The DISCOVERY WORKSHOP offers an alternative approach that allows an individual to become an active participant in his or her recovery. It can be a powerful tool to help an individual break out of their cycle of addiction and
create a new path forward.


Through understanding the underlying causes of addiction, an individual can find peace in understanding his or her story, embracing it, and creating a new one that leads to lasting transformation and freedom from addiction. This is where the DISCOVERY WORKSHOP comes in. It offers a safe and supportive environment to transform and heal. The DISCOVERY WORKSHOP is a powerful tool for individuals struggling with addiction, allowing them to take ownership of their healing journey and find lasting transformation. It offers the opportunity to uncover the underlying pain, gain insight into what has been unconsciously keeping them stuck, and create lasting change in their lives.


Additionally, this type of work can also make a great difference in relapse prevention. By creating new coping skills and being able to recognize triggers.


Discovery Workshop Testimonials

This weekend was very enlightening. I learned so much about myself. I now understand that a lot of my issues stem from issues from my childhood. I never thought I had an issue or was holding so much hurt and pain from my mother in my subconscious. This was the most eye opening, amazing experience.
~ J.J. – February 2023

It was an indescribable feeling that I can’t phantom to put in words. It’s something that you have to be willing to do for yourself to heal properly. You have to be willing to be willing and trust the process.
~ A. W. – February 2023

How to love myself and be the true me.
~ K.M. – February 2023

This experience has been absolutely ground-breaking. Never have I been able tro express my inner fears and anger in such a profound, eye-opening way. My soul has been cleansed and I am a new person in 2-days!
Thank you for your help. My demons are gone…
~ L. F. – February 2023

This workshop is pure magic! A phenomenal experience of change. The teachings of finding the core of one true self. A joy, a gift. An experience of a life-time! Beyond words to find the true meaning of who we really are and how we can retrain and rewire the healing from the damaged lives we lived, allowed ourselves to accept. Bringing us to the real self and life we always had but could not receive. Learning that the NOW is our present and that we can not carry the past to relive negative past but to release into a brand new life, person and day.
~ Anon. – February 2023

By far this was the most diifficult but wonderful experiences of my life. The range of emotions and seeing my 8 year old self as clear as I did was beautiful. Thank you can’t begin to describe how fortunate I am to be here with you! This was so feeing and I love how I feel  now and this is only the beginning!
~ C.L. – February 2023

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

Today’s Inspirational Focus

Inspiring quotes that can help change your mood.

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.

~ The Alchemist

Consider the following inspirational quotes…

Make life a game. Every day is a new day. You make the rules every day.

~ Anonymous

Inspirational Lifetime Learning ConnectionsMany marriages would be
better if the husband and
the wife clearly understood
that they are on the same

~ Zig Ziglar


I AM master of my thoughts…

I am an observer. I listen more than I talk. My thoughts create my reality. I turn intense emotions into useful manifesting tools. YES! Is an attitude word I use often. I believe in my Self. I trust my Self. I keep sacred my words and promises. I set achievable goals.

~ L.E. Okaily



“It’s best to not ask questions if you know you will resist the answer.”

~ Corey Herter



Clearing Blocks to Success

Ask yourself one of these questions at a time and write down your answers:

  1. What is my underlying belief around money?
  2. Why am I choosing to think I can’t create that?
  3. Why am I choosing to give my power away to someone else?

Which one of these patterns most applies to you?

  1. I start a project then I don’t follow through.
  2. I start, follow through up to a point, and then never finish.
  3. I can’t get started.

We use tapping as a technique to see past the reasons and excuses that our brain comes up with for keeping us from something that would be good for us, or something we enjoy. The goal of tapping is to give us the freedom to move past the point of pain that is causing a block to something.

Create your life the way you want it to be and let others do the same.

To learn more, visit www.lifetimelearningconnections.org


Lifetime Learning Connections

The Kidz Kourse |
The Teenz Kourse | Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching

Kids and Teens – Emotional Freedom from Stress and Pain

We are inspired by seeing how early use of tapping (aka EFT) can help resolve social issues kids and teens come up against in social situations. It is not the only tool they need, but a very useful one to learn. They get it. They share it. Their environment changes for the better.

As a volunteer at Lifetime Learning Connections’ Kidz Kourse I have had the opportunity to witness miraculous personality changes. Kids come in with a lot of anger, shame, guilt, and fear that they do not understand or know how to handle. They have been having outbursts at home and/or in school. Their siblings may bully them or that happens at school. In some cases they may act the bully part themselves and have trouble with friendships. Their parents bring them to the Kidz Kourse hoping for the best. When they pick up their children on Sunday, the last day of the course, they are overjoyed with how their children become. Self-esteem has changed for the better. Families life gets easier. Going to work and school becomes more cooperative.

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