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Inspiring parents, teens, and children to emotional freedom from anything that is other than love.

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About Kidz Kourse Core Members

Leaders and Volunteers

All of the contributions to the Lifetime Learning Connections culture are strengthened by the importance we place on family and building a healthy balance between kids, siblings, teens and parents, and family relationships.

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Tawnya Perry

Tawnya Perry

EVOLVE for Kidz Coach

Tawnya started the Kidz Kourse in 2014. Her passion is love…teaching kids how to communicate not only verbally but also through their energy and tone. She empowers each member of the core team to continue to contribute their leadership skills towards making the Kidz Kourse the best for everyone.  Her intuitive, compassionate, blend of instructor and coach guide the team and volunteers to see that the children benefit from this experiencial training course learning new life-skills to become better team members in their families, at their schools, and in their communities.  

Tawnya knows it is too easy to waste time staying “stuck” with baggage from the past and works with kids in the course to recognize their power; teaching how they give their power away and learning how to stand in their own power with love. Letting go of negative emotional memories and choosing better ways to behave are skills they don’t teach at school. Parents and children now have access to learning how to build happy loving compassionate families that will work together as a team.

Tawnya is a Behavior Management Specialist, Parenting Coach, and Life Coach. 

Gabriel Saslafsky

Gabriel Saslafsky

EVOLVE for Kidz Coach

Gabriel has been involved with the Kidz Kourse since its inception in 2014, assisting and eventually instructing the course. He started working on personal development in earnest in 2012 and hasn't stopped since then, learning all the while through Personal Development Community Organization courses (TLC, Advanced, Leadership), Lifetime Learning Connections courses (Kidz Kourse), and Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting's redirecting children's behavior course, and joining and starting successful men's groups. 

His passion for teaching and easy way with the children inspires others, and his dedication to the kids and advancing our organization makes him an invaluable member of our team. His background in engineering and new emotional maturity gives him a valuable and uncommon perspective.

What is your favorite part of Kidz Kourse?

"My favorite part is seeing the kids trust each other. I grew up mistrusting of others so I find it really gratifying when I see the kids really trusting in themselves and each other, forming those invaluable bonds. "

What is your personal goal in volunteering?

"My personal goal is to help kids trust in themselves and others, and to set an example as a good role model for them."

Lynne Okaily

Lynne Okaily

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

Lynne has been a world traveler since she was 6 years old; she has had the opportunity to interact with different cultures and has learned to be compassionate when confronted with challenges. She is a graduate of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and created business through artistry incorporating her passions for design and personal wellness into entrepreneurial ventures. Her talents include graphic design, writing, website design, interfaith compassion, public speaking, and finding answers to ease pain and suffering.  She enjoys reading and swimming, watching movies, and growing wiser. Her belief is that change starts within and having a strong foundation of success steps will be the platform children, teens, and families need to manifest their dreams.

Community projects that she and her friends worked on together with through the American Association of University Women in Lansdale PA, were her favorite social community activities for about 16 years. Co-leadership in women’s manifesting empowerment association in 2013 to 2014 lead to a greater understanding of the impact of passing on knowledge.

Moving to Florida in 2014, the opportunity to volunteer at the Kidz Kourse as a coaching assistant came up. And so it was natural to connect with Heart, Mind and Soul Parenting and take the Parenting Communication Skills course, renowned for inner work and learning how to redirect children’s behavior. Her objective is to help you be balanced, stable and neutral building strong families.

James Chandler

James Chandler

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

I was born and raised in England and was transferred to the US by my company in 1997. I have worked for the same company for the past 30 years; a company that produces lifesaving products for the commercial marine industry. I travel regularly with my job and have visited more than 70 countries worldwide. I have 2 children and 3 granddaughters, all of whom live in England. I am married to Susan, a former tennis pro, whose sons, Josh and Zach are regulars at the Kidz Kourse. I have been involved with the TLC/PDCO organization for over 14 years and was a one of the founding members of the PDCO board during its 501c3 implementation. I have been involved with the Kidz Kourse for the past 2 years and am currently an active member of the core ('kore') team.

Katie Ising

Katie Ising

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

Born and raised in Florida, I love the sunshine and the Ocean! I love being creative and cultivating connection and passion. I have my bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations from the University of Central Florida and my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification. Using my 10+ years in advertising, marketing and sales I am excited and honored to be part of the Kidz Kourse team!

Joshua Noah Rubin

Joshua Noah Rubin

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

I am most passionate about working with others, using my insights to create solutions and giving love to spread positivity and good vibes! I have my Associate in Arts degree from Palm Beach State College. Working in Retail for the past 8 years and a lifetime of personal development has prepared me for this wonderful opportunity. I am so grateful to be involved with this amazing group of lovable people!

Zachary Rubin

Zachary Rubin

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

Hi my name is Zachary Rubin! I am 30 years old and I am the youngest of 8 siblings. Being the youngest, I was an uncle at 13 years old and I currently have 7 nieces and nephews. I don’t have any children of my own. I have always been silly, playful, and fun-loving and can usually be found clowning around at the kids table at family gatherings. I enjoy spending my free time connecting with friends and family. I especially love connecting with children as they are curious about the world, passionate about being alive, and extremely in touch with their feelings and emotions. I feel immense fulfillment spending time with children and allowing them to express their feelings and feel safe, seen, and heard. Being a part of Kidz Kourse allows me to give back to children what I always wanted and didn’t receive as child.

Nancy Dominquez

Nancy Dominquez

EVOLVE for Kidz Kore Team Member

Nancy is a Life & Health coach. She began assisting with the Kidz Kourse in 2015 when her son, Logan, was a new Kidz Kourse student.

Nancy grew up in Florida and received her BA in Education from FAU; focused on early childhood. She worked extensively with children while attending college; and, recently became certified as a RCB instructor. Nancy brings her joy and passion for helping children to each Kidz Kourse workshop she participates in and looks forward to teaching and coaching kids in the Kidz Kourse!

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All of the contributions to the Lifetime Learning Connections, Inc.'s mission will strengthen the outreach to children, teens, and families, to inspire and empower them to create loving relationships through mindful communication.

What kind of clients do you work with?

Our clients come from various backgrounds and careers. We work with people around the world who have a desire to improve how they relate to children of all ages.

What type of scholarships do you offer?

Talk to us about your needs. We are able to provide some children with the ability to attend the Kidz Kourse because of generous donations we receive to the Kidz Kourse Scholarship Fund. Also, special pricing available for groups, schools, or organizations.

Which workshop is best for me and/or my child?

Lifetime learning is something that we never stop doing. The training and coaching services are best when combined with the whole family. For children ages 7-12 who are having issues at home and/or at school and are mature enough to be in a group setting choose the Kidz Kourse.  And for kids 6 to 12, and teens 12 to 17, the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching can be done in group settings or on individual basis.

Our Services

Lifetime Learning

We provide heart-based coaching for kids in a group setting. Learning how to practice “mindfulness” in thoughts and actions, families learn to work as a team and support each other. Crisis prevention and resolution occur as each person regains their self-esteem and value and get the life skills to help them make their best decisions.

Personal Development

We have resources to help you become your best most successful Self. We believe you deserve to achieve your dream life, health, home, career, relationships, abundant finances, and vacations.

Lifetime Learning: Training & Workshops

Our primary program is the “EVOLVE for Kidz” course.

Check out our resource page for information on Heart Mind and Soul Parenting. As parents we were never taught “how” to parent. This page gives a link to parenting courses and coaching to support you in your parenting skills. Click here.


My children absolutely LOVED this course and they cannot wait to go back to be part of the Angel support team!!!

Ava was talking to her inner child all night and asked me if I would … help her do one of the role plays from the course.

Anthony came home with a stronger voice than he’s ever had and an awareness of the feelings that are easy for him and the ones we need to work on.

This gift is so far beyond what I had hoped. My gratitude is immeasurable.

Tawnya Perry and all your amazing Angels … so much love to you all!!!!

Chris D. V. C.

Working Mom

I am a huge supporter of Lifetime Learning Connections and the courses they provide to our community. Tawnya Perry is one of the most intuitive and experienced teachers in this arena, and I am so honored and grateful to be a part of the family she is creating.

Joshua Noah R.

Trust that Transformation can happen!

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