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Parenting Communication Skills Course | Evolve Parents

Parenting Communication Skills

Evolve Parents 2-day workshop
FINALLY, parenting communication skills in a course where you get to learn, practice and see the benefits of a better way to redirect your children’s behavior. You will discover things you never knew about yourself and why your children act the way they do when disrupting your life. After this course you will be able to have your child/children do their chores, get the homework done on time, and make it easier to start and end each day.

You can decide on a new path for your family’s personal development. You are their team leader. The parenting communication skills course, from Evolve Parents, does provide on-going coaching that is just a text or phone call away. Furthermore what you learn in this course will be invaluable at work with co-workers, in social setting, and within the greater family scope.

A Parenting Communication Skills course …

A powerful course designed to help you create the family of your dreams.

Styles of parenting vary. Tawnya Perry recommends that parents and children continue personal development through coaching and/or children taking the Evolve Kidz course, and Evolve Teenz course.

In conclusion, parents are encouraged to come back to the Evolve Parents course to connect with like-minded people building a community that supports stronger families and healthy teams.


Evolve Parents Communication Skills workshops are two-days of one weekend unless specified otherwise. We make sure in these two-days that adults have a chance to get to understand their inner child and then they will have breakthroughs and loving changes at home.


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Evolve Parents

The better way for parents to communicate and get positive win-win results.

Are you exhausted from waking your kids up, getting them to school on time, making their meals, making sure they get their chores and homework done, breaking up fights, and getting them to bed on time?

Evolve Parents” is a powerful course designed to help you create the family of your dreams.

Would you like more cooperation and support?

If you answered yes, then this class is for you.

Evolve Parents communication skills gives parents insights on behaviors and new tools to bring their children (and others) into cooperation with them in a peaceful, loving way

empowering families, family communication

How World Peace Begins:

The beginning to world peace begins in the home.

  • Paradigm shifts- seeing the world from another’s perspective
  • Understanding why children misbehave.
  • How to take the charge out of fighting.
  • Encouragement vs. Praise ( how it feels)
  • Setting Boundaries
  • How to empower your children through redirect.
  • Art of Communication
  • Holding responsibility for our feelings without projecting onto someone else
  • Conflict resolution
  • The magic of Empathy

Parenting Skills Benefits:

Once you have the skills to begin parenting in a new, more loving way, you will begin to see more cooperation with your family.

And anytime you have a question, a quick text or phone call is all that is needed because we now have a point of reference with the new skills. If there are bigger challenges then we can schedule a coaching session. We work with the whole family if needed.

You will wonder why you never found this course before!

Scheduled Time: 8:45 am – 5:30 PM  |  What is included: 16 hour 2 day workshop / Unlimited email and texting questions and answers / Book and Workbook. All credit cards accepted. Call 754-204-8225.

I found the information and activities in the EVOLVE PARENTS, (Redirecting Communications Skills) 2-day workshop, a great benefit. I have more harmony at home with my spouse and my extended family due to better communication skills. I relate to children with truth, integrity and confidence at home and in the Evolve Kidz course (ages 7-12) and Evolve Teenz course (ages 13-17+). Everyone benefits when we learn more about ourselves — my classmates were professionals, including doctors and lawyers. Evolve Parents is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Lynne O.

Solutions Consultant

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